Winterfell Bernese Mountain Dogs is located in Rockford, Illinois on the Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin boarder. We are close to Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, and the Quad Cities.

Our first bernese mountain dog was "Brighton" the love and immense joy he brought to our family is still in the forefront of our hearts and minds all of 18 years later.

At Winterfell our dogs are considered family first and foremost. They live in our home and are a major part of our social lives. Together we enjoy local community events, holiday festivals, music events, restaurants, nature walks, trips to the ice cream parlor, and swimming up at the lake house. Besides showing in the conformation ring to have our dogs evaluated to the breed standard by AKC judges.

My foundation and breeding dogs all have world class champion bloodlines, both European and American. They are from breeders that make every effort to better this breed. We all adhere to ethical breeding practices. In Europe all kennels are regulated by strict regulations with breeding bitches and stud dogs required to pass through rigorous testing of health and temperament. These breeders are highly respected and well known in the show world. They are World Dog Show winners, Cruft winners, and International Champions.

There is a great amount of my time devoted to travel and research of health, longevity, and temperament that leads to the decision of each and every dog that becomes a family member at Winterfell. My dogs are tested for genetically inherited health issues.

Puppies are raised with expert, hands on loving care in my home! They have been well socialized for their age and come with a health clearance by a veterinarian and their first vaccines. I am always here to answer questions and have provided many links in Health and Wellness to further help you.

I am fortunate to have a lifestyle that permits me to be with my dogs 24/7. They make my life so entertaining,  busy and full of joy. When you've found your passion, it is never considered work. My dogs enrich my life. I hope to pass that unique love this breed has to offer through a quality puppy. That in itself is the best feeling in the world.

A number of our puppies bred have become legitimately trained service dogs and therapy dogs that work with their teachers/owners at school everyday with children that have physical or mental challenges. The majority are beloved pets/family members. Every puppy is important whether its a pet or show dog.

Please be aware that NO breeder can guarantee a show dog or a dog free of health issues. A responsible breeder can only try to minimize the risks characteristic to this breed through ethical breeding practices.

Side note - I read all the "Game of Thrones" books long before it became an HBO series and a pop culture phenomenon. I envisioned the cold snowy forrest of Winterfell, much like my home here in the winter. House Stark of Winterfell captures the values I hold myself to when it comes to my dogs. Strive to be the best with ethics, honesty, and integrity. "Winter is Coming" and their is no greater friend I'd wish by my side than a Winterfell Bernese Mountain Dog.